History of Christchurch

Recording the history of the village of Christchurch (originally Brimstone Hill) in Cambridgeshire


Here you’ll find local related books, primarily those concerning local villages and towns, but also featuring local authors (including some lapsed authors such as myself). If you know a book that should be listed then please get in touch.

Christchurch doesn’t have its own book yet, maybe a project that can arise from this website.

Local History Books

This book reveals intriguing Fenland history dating from the 12th century to modern times. It is a vast collection of maps, photographs, illustrations and tributes to dedicated people who have secured and preserved a small but important part of Fenland history.

The subject and the contents of the book is centred on the “Well Stream” The principal river of Wisbech up to the 13 th century. This natural outfall for many upland rivers existed before the Neolithic period and gave Wisbech its prosperity and importance. We are fortunate that our modern ancestors saved the Well Creek, a tidal waterway that historically branched off the Well Stream at Outwell and enhances the numerous settlements that still exist along its banks today.

King John gave “Wella”(e) Town status, Wella consisted of what we call today: Upwell, Outwell, Welney, Nordelph, Three Holes, Neatmoor, Tips-End, Lakes-End, part of Christchurch and Barroway Drove.

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Paperback, 120 pages
Published December 6th 2002 by Carrillson Publications


Local Authors

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