History of Christchurch

Recording the history of the village of Christchurch (originally Brimstone Hill) in Cambridgeshire

The Old Wheatsheaf Pub

The Old Wheatsheaf pub was one of for Public Houses that were once open in Christchurch. It was the furthest away from the centre of the village situated along the near side bank of the Sixteen Foot towards March. It went out of business around 1957 and is now a private dwelling.

The first recorded ownership (date unknown) by Messrs Vipan and then bought by the Mepal Brewery (date unknown). [2]

It was then taken over by the Elijah Eyres Brewery (date unknown) until it closed in 1878. [3] It was then auctioned on 22 July 1978.

List of Licences

1846 – 1858John Burbridge / Burbridge & farmer [2]
1858Mrs Burbridge [2]
1865William Ilett & farmer [2]
1879James Daisley [2]
1883 – 1890Matthew Julian & blacksmith [2]
1892Matthew Julien [4]
1896Matthew Julien [4]
1904William Randall [4]
1916William Randall [4]


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