History of Christchurch

Recording the history of the village of Christchurch (originally Brimstone Hill) in Cambridgeshire

The Barn Church

Plate 2 (Green Lane Farm Barn) [1]

The inhabitants of Brimstone Hill also attended services in a barn, which now belongs to Mr. George Harris at Green Lane Farm, Dun Cow Drove. Tools and farm implements fill the barn where once the congregation of Christchurch knelt in prayer, sacks of feed are stored in the loft, where the choir and preacher used to stand. If you look at the barn closely you can see the narrow church windows in the wall (Plate 2). [1]

The Barn Church was part of the foundation stone ceremony for the new parish church on 30th June 1864 as mentioned in this newspaper cutting.

“The proceedings were commenced by evening prayer in the bar church, the sermon being preached by the vicar of Wisbech, Rev. W. B. Hopkins. On leaving the barn church a procession was formed, headed by the Sunday School children and the Downham Madrigal Society. Clergy to the number of about thirty, also took part in the procession. On the way to the site of the church tho gingers chanted “I was glad” etc. and “Lord remember David” etc… On the arrival of the procession at the site, an appropriate service was used and the stone was laid in a workmanlike manner by the patrons of the living, the Reverend C. W. Townley, the choir following with the hymn, “Christ is made the sure foundation”. The day’s proceedings closed with tea and a sacred concert by the Madrigal Union Society.” [1]


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