History of Christchurch

Recording the history of the village of Christchurch (originally Brimstone Hill) in Cambridgeshire

Marriage of Clara Berry to John Francis Corke


Marriage of Clara Berry to John Francis Corke – 20th December 1898, Syringa House, Christchurch

Neither of us can know for sure who some of the wedding party is.. but I have used some of your guesses and research and as well as my knowledge of my side of this family and together we have a reasonable picture of who each person is/ might be.

Died before this marriage:

Mary Bosden (18 July 1897)
Alice Mary Berry (11 April 1872)
Anne Ellen Berry (2 April 1871)
Florence Lucy Berry (21 Nov 1898)

Back row from left as looking at photo: as I see it

Frederick Hyde then Sara Jane Berry Hyde,Sarah Gimbert (servant) – Baby John Francis Corke in the arms of a lady and to her right is a man… I believe this is a couple that looks as though they are on the Berry side, Samuel Berry then Lucy Berry (Samuel’s sister yes) – she has her right hand on him in a loving gesture   Samuel Hugh Berry then Mary Ann Holmes – Lindsey Oswald Crawford and finally John Murnane Corke (his wife Margaret Bentley Bennett had just given birth and I do not think she is in the photo).

Middle row from left:

I do not know the small girl on the left but she is the spitting image of Frederick Hyde – I do not know the next  young girl in a boater, then there seems to be an empty spot, Francis Lidington Corke – Ida Frances Berry who was not married to Hutchinson man till 1905 and who he might not be in the photo – Baby Stanley Berry Corke  –   Charles George Corke – Clara Berry Corke – Alice Rebecca Mason Corke – Alice Mawby Corke (John Corke’s spinster daughter) and she does not approve of this situation at all, Florence Corke Crawford.

Front row:

Four unknown boys… My suspicion is that the youngest boy sitting at Alice Rebecca’s feet might be her 3 year old son Charles Thomas Corke .


All the Corke connection men are wearing bowlers.

ALL the Corke  women are wearing brimmed feather hats with badges.

All the Berry women are wearing flowery wedding cake hats with veils and similar dresses.

The Berry men are wearing flat hats and that includes 2 of the 4 boys in the front… they may be Berry boys.

The two girls on the far left have long hair .. They are quite young. The man we think is Frederick Hyde has his hand on the chair of the girl in front of him.

There is one boy you have identified as Bernard Hyde. I can’t locate him as a relative

In the 1901 census Lucy Berry moved in with her brother Samuel and they are looking after Stanley Berry .

In the 1901 census John Corke and Clara Berry had the other boy John Francis in their care as well as Ida, Samuel Hugh was at the house as well. I have visited that house on Saint Philip’s road in Norwich.

I feel the groom John Corke has stepped out himself to take a picture creating a gap and the others moved over.

The young girl in the front with long hair could be Frederick and Sarah Berrys daughter… Gladys… she was 8 at the time of the wedding… and resembles Frederick.

The young lady in a boater.
The 3 boys in front.